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General Guidelines

Welcome to Writing-Commissions!

We are a group that is focused on advertising writers who are offering commissions. If you are an artist, there are many other commission groups for you to join, but I'm afraid this isn't one of them. It seems that many commission groups out there do not accept writing commissions, which is a shame because writing is just as good as art. Here at Writing-Commissions, we hope that many writers will join and spread the word that writing commissions are just as good as art!

Helpful links

A Beginner's Guide :: Literary Commissions, written by KaixChan.


:bulletblue: In order to become a member of this group, you must be offering writing commissions. In your join request, please provide a link to your deviation or journal with your commissions sheet. Anyone who requests to join the group, but not providing their commission sheet, will be denied.

:bulletblue: Those who are looking to commission a writer must watch this group. To find someone to commission, feel free to browse through our "Commission Sheets" folder to see our members' prices and guidelines.

:bulletblue: You are welcome to post your commission information in the comments, but you're more likely to get noticed if you become a member and post your information in the "Commission Sheets" folder.

:bulletblue: You may post your casual writings here, but you must submit them to the "Casual Writing" folder. This is so possible commissioners can see more examples of your work than just commissioned pieces.

:bulletblue: No writer will be banned permanently from the group. This is because I believe there are no other groups that focus on writing commissions, and I do not want to give any writer the ban hammer to the one writing focused commission group. However, if you are rude or disrespectful to the other members, you will be banned.

:bulletblue: As long as you are offering writing commissions, you are allowed to join the group. Ex. You're offering art commissions as well as writing commissions. However, all you are allowed to post are your writings.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for the group, send us a note! It will be responded to as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay at Writing-Commissions!

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Group Info

I was unable to find any groups that had a sole focus on writing commissions, and it seems that many commission groups focus on solely art. With these two things in mind, I created Writing-Commissions. We are a group whose focus is to advertise writers who are offering commissions of all kinds. Offering FanFiction commissions? You're welcome to join! Original Fiction? Click that join button and come on in!

PLEASE provide your commission sheet when you request to join! This can be either a journal entry, a deviation, or on your main page. If you do not, you will be automatically denied.

If you are looking for a writer to commission, please watch this group. Those who ask to join and are not offering writing commissions will be denied. Thank you!
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Nov 20, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

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If you're a writer who's considering selling their skills, but not sure of how to set up prices or know what exactly you need to write in your information, look no further! Myself and imaginary-rose have complied a few tips to help beginning writers who want to start commissions but unsure of how to take the first step.

The Important Things

:bulletblue: The biggest thing you need to consider before taking commissions is "How well can I write another's ideas?". This is a big thing because if you're not able to put your own into words that well, it may be challenging to put another's on paper. We suggest taking requests to see how well you work under a bit of pressure. If you can handle it well and get it done within a reasonable amount of time, you're a prime candidate to start selling your skills.

:bulletblue: Know your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. In your information, you want to be 100% honest with your potential buyers. Don't sugarcoat your weakness or over emphasize your strengths. Doing the former may deter people away while the latter would make people expect more than what you may be able to write. Don't be ashamed to write "I'm not that good with ___." Every writer has things they struggle with as well as things they're great at.

:bulletblue: Look around at others and their information. Take what you think is good and build your own based on what others have written. We aren't saying copy / paste what another person has wrote; say you like how someone worded a particular thing, you take the structure and apply it to your own information. Doing so makes your information look professional and keeps people interested in what you have to say.

:bulletblue: Be firm with what you will write and not write. This is a huge thing. If you're uncomfortable with writing shota, say so. If you cringe at the thought of rape, state in your information you refuse to write it. Do not let a large price tag deter you. Writing something you hate because of the price WILL kill your muse and possibly make you move away from something you're passionate about. If you're on the fence about something; you're not uncomfortable with it but never wrote it before, tell your buyer that so they know what to expect.

:bulletblue: Be formal in your guidelines. Don't elaborate on why you won't write a certain thing. If you're uncomfortable with Yaoi and Yuri, simply state you won't write it. Don't say you think it's gross; it's offensive and screams unprofessional. Unprofessional = people moving on to another writer for their commissioning purposes.

:bulletblue: Don't undersell yourself. As a writer myself, if I see someone offering a 2,000 word story for 10 points, I think one of two things; they're still learning and not that good yet or they don't know the true value of written work. Either one of those things deters me from the writer in question. It's understandable that writing is a hard thing to sell on dA, but don't offer dirt cheap prices for something that takes as much time and effort as a piece of artwork.

Example Information

I've taken a moment to write up an example commission sheet. You're welcome to copy / paste this to your own journals as long as you create myself (KaixChan) as the one who wrote up the basic template.

"Welcome to my journal that will explain everything you need to know about my commissions. I write for (original, fanfiction, both state if you have a preference for one or the other). If you have any comments, questions, or concerns after thoroughly reading my policies and guidelines, please send me a note so we can discuss."

"I will not be swayed to write ____ due to being uncomfortable with the subject matter. Despite never writing it / not writing it often, I can be pursuaded to write ____, but understand that it may not come out as well as things I am better at writing. My strongest points as a writer are ____ with my weaknesses being ____."
(Feel free to elaborate more on these points; this is just a basic guide.)

- I have the right to refuse any commissions without explanation.
- I will not write what I am uncomfortable with, no matter the price.
- I am not responsible if your commission doesn't turn out how you wanted it and I stated that it was not my strong point.
- Commissions containing the buyer's original characters will not be posted without the commissioner's consent. (You can add this if you want.)
- If you decide to cancel, refunds may or may not be given depending on if I started and how much of the commission I've written.
Not started = full refund.
Started, not much done = 85% refund
Started, halfway done = 50% refund
Nearly completed = 25% refund
Finished but not yet shown = No refund
This is essential. Be sure to add a refund policy to your information; whether it follows this template or not is unimportant.

"I charge ___ points / $__ per page / word count. Please do not ask me to lower my prices. Writing takes as much time and effort as artwork and I ask that you respect that."

This journal can and will be updated as we see fit. We hope that this helps our members and watchers alike.
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Grim-Grief Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm just starting this whole commission thing and so far its been a good start, I've had success with it and I'm happy and such. etc. Though I would appreciate more income and whatnot as I do plan to continue this as my future career from now on, check out my rates and negotibale prices here:…
Commissions open for all genres as well as poetry and fanfiction. See here for details:…

I'm new to the commissioning business, but I've been writing for nearly a decade, and have worked on everything from short stories to small novels, so I have plenty of experience in the area. Send me a note or drop a comment if you're interested, have questions, or want to give your opinion.
IAmTheBlackbird Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys! I'm hosting a contest and I really need some help with prize donations, so I'm taking poetry commissions!
I'll write a variety of poetry for you for prices between 60-200 :points: depending on the type and length of poem. Visit my page for more info!
Foxtrain Mar 11, 2014  Student Writer
Commissions open for supernatural, paranormal, interesting, thriller, horror, gore, name it, I write it. :) 
Here is the info!;…
Please feel free to Watch or comment even if you aren't interested in a commission- I'm starting out and would love some new followers/work to view/people to view my work!
heres the closest thing i have to a price sheet…
(1 Reply)
anyone here do pokemon fanfics and Transformation stories? note me if you do
I'm a writer by trade, and I can write/type your fantasies down for cheap prices.


+ Short Stories

+ Chapter Stories

+ Scripts

+ Poems

+ Children Stories

What can't I do or will not do? Well, I can pretty do anything, save for:


+ LiveAction TV (I haven't seen every single show, though I could do a cop show or Star Trek)

+ Current Living Real Life People (No, I won't write a story about Romney killing Obama. Personally, Obama would win anyway.)

But I can do pretty much everything else, or do some simple research into it if necessary. I got a lot of free time, so I can keep you up to date on the process. But once I get started, I tend to finish within the day.

I will also go back and start over if necessary, if you aren't happy with the end result. Of course, there's a difference between me not getting your idea and you messing around with me. Payment is negotiable, and cheap. I'm doing mostly for experience and practice.


+ Paypal

+ DA Points

+ Amazon Giftcards

+ PSN Giftcards

Contact me either by note or a comment below. I'll be happy to discuss matters with you.
Yo, Writing-Commissions!

First of all, thanks a lot for accepting me to this fine group.

I will write original fiction, fanfiction, anything except pornography (I'm OK with writing explicit material, as long as there's some other plot as well). I'm also happy to do collaborations.

Prices per story:

<1 page: $1
2-10 pages: $15
10-50 pages: $30
>50 pages: $60

For more information and to read some of my writings, check out my profile.
Micome Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Open for reasonably priced commissions available, able to write a numerous amount of subjects including NSFW. Please consult… for information, and if intruiged you may message me on either site.
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